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About The Roof Waterproofing Company

Established back in 1997, our roof waterproofing company boasts a rich heritage of expertise spanning over a century, nurtured through generations as a cherished family-owned venture. Our journey has been dedicated to mastering every facet of the roofing industry, encompassing services like meticulous tiled roof repairs, precision waterproofing, elegant skylight installations, and a comprehensive array of roofing solutions. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we consistently adhere to the exacting standards set by SABS, catering adeptly to residential, commercial, and industrial roofing requisites.

Guided by an unwavering set of principles, we uphold the following core values:

Transparency and Integrity

Our foundation is built on transparent and honest business practices that cultivate trust with our clientele.

Dedication and professionalism

We are ardent believers in delivering roofing services marked by dedication, professionalism, and punctuality, manifesting in every project we undertake.

Unwavering quality

With an ironclad commitment to quality, we pledge workmanship that's not just trusted but genuinely reliable, executed with the utmost professionalism.

Client-centric approach

We extend our availability beyond regular hours to address any client concerns, underscoring our dedication to their peace of mind.

Transparent communication

Throughout the course of a project, we keep clients updated with progress photos and, upon request or in case of concerns, completion photos, fostering an open line of communication.

Premium materials

Our dedication to excellence extends to the materials we use; only the highest quality materials, meeting rigorous SABS standards, find their way into our projects.

In addition to our core values, we hold the following principles dear

Craftsmanship and durability

We’re rooted in the belief that craftsmanship should stand the test of time, reflecting not just skill but the durability to weather the years.

Innovation and adaptability

Our commitment to growth fuels innovation and adaptability, allowing us to stay at the forefront of a dynamic industry.

Community and environment

We recognize our responsibility to the community and environment, ensuring our practices reflect sustainability and care for the areas we serve.

Empowerment through knowledge

We empower our team through continuous training, fostering a culture of learning that enables them to consistently deliver excellence.

Partnerships and collaboration

We value partnerships – whether with clients, suppliers, or associates – understanding that collaborative efforts yield the most remarkable results.

Together, these values and principles define us not just as a roofing company, but as a dedicated ally in transforming your roofing visions into tangible realities, all while fostering enduring relationships built on trust and exceptional craftsmanship.

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