Slate Roofing Repairs

Slate Roofing Repairs by Roof Waterproofing Company

Restoring the Strength and Beauty of Your Slate Roof

In South Africa, Slate Roofing Repairs are essential to maintain the integrity and aesthetics of your roof. At Roof Waterproofing Company, we specialise in expert repair services for different slate roofing systems commonly used in the region.

The Conventional Slate Roof System

Preserving the Timeless Beauty

For roofs with slopes of 30, 40, or 50 degrees, the conventional slate roofing system relies on the inherent durability of slate tiles to prevent leaks. When slates become damaged, cracked, or missing, we replace them with matching ones to uphold the roof’s classic appearance.

Ridge and Hip Upgrades

Over time, the underlay on the ridges and hips can deteriorate due to age. To ensure long-lasting leak-free service, we replace the damaged underlay with aluminum-faced malthoid, offering an effective solution for ridge and hip repairs.

The Peter-Lo and Alu-Maz Slate Roof Systems

Lightweight and Cost-Effective

The Peter-Lo and Alu-Maz slate roofing systems provide a lightweight alternative, reducing the roof’s weight by nearly 50% compared to conventional systems. This results in cost savings. These systems rely on an underlay of malthoid, making them less prone to leakage due to broken or cracked slates.

Hailstorm Resilience

The use of malthoid as an underlay in these systems provides excellent protection against hailstorms. The Alu-Maz system goes a step further with an aluminum foil layer shielding the malthoid from harmful UV rays, preventing the deterioration experienced by the original Peter-Lo system.

Easy Repairs

In the event of cracked, broken, or missing slates, repairs are straightforward as the slates can be easily removed without sticking to the malthoid, thanks to the aluminum foil. Our repair work preserves the roof’s original specifications, avoiding the need for waterproofing applications that can alter its appearance.

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